Warley Lantern

The Warley Lantern was our community newsletter for many years. It is no longer published, but an archive of past issues is available below. Warley community news is now posted at the website, village noticeboard, and by flyer.

Warley Lantern – November 2014              Warley Lantern – June 2014

Warley Lantern – April 2014                        Warley Lantern – February 2014

Warley Lantern – November 2013               Warley Lantern – September 2013

Warley Lantern – April 2013                         Warley Lantern – February 2013

Warley Lantern – Christmas 2012                Warley Lantern – Summer 2012

If you have any ideas for regular features or interesting articles you would like to see included, just Contact Us

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