Warley Cemetery Pillar Repair

Jointly Funded by The Warley Trust, the Community Development Fund  and Warley Community Association.  Completed in April 2013

In 2012, one of the grand entrance pillars to Warley Cemetery on Winterburn Lane was damaged by a lorry and had to be removed for safety reasons.  Unfortunately the cemetery administrators could not afford to have this unique architectural treasure repaired and made safe, so the Association decided to help out


With fund matching grants from The Warley Trust and Calderdale Community Development Fund, the stonework was rescued and re-instated along with a new cast iron bollard to protect the pillar in future.  Special thanks go to the leader of our History Group, David McCallam, for his passionate sponsorship of this project, June Illingworth for managing the project through to completion and Viv Jorrison for her expert detective skills in locating the stonework

It would be great if the original gates could also be found and re-instated, but despite best efforts we have not yet been able to locate them and believe they will, after all these years have become lost for ever


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